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Practice love. Speak truth.

The events that took place in Charlottesville last weekend make my heart ache for our country. The depth of this spiritual dis-ease pains me. We must stand up and raise the truth: We are one family, spiritual sister and brothers. Hate for some is hate for all. The only answer is justice and love. None of us are free until we are all free. None of us can know justice or love until we all do. Do not be lulled into non action. It is hard to be faced with this reality on such a regular basis, but we cannot allow it to become normalized. 
We must continue to fight hate with love and speak truth to lies.
The stain of white supremacy is sunk deep into the fabric of our nation, and yet I know in my heart that the soul of America, its spiritual destiny, is to rise above. But what that requires is a great un-becoming for us white folk. A deep soul searching. An uncovering, discovering, and recovering of the truth of ourselves - the ways our whiteness brings privilege that we do not even see, lea…

Keep going towards God.

You are doing the work and showing up to life despite the hardship. That is a huge part of the battle that you are winning daily. 

Keep going towards God in everything. Try to ask yourself what in your life / day is taking you away from God and what is bringing you closer to God. What is a distraction away from your reliance on God? What are you trying to use in place of reliance on God? How are you relying on self instead of God? Where are you still fighting, refusing to accept, trying to swim upstream? How can you instead practice gratitude and acceptance - even of the hardship and pain - and lean into it as a way to get closer to the God within you? Can you hunt your pain and surrender into the process of being healed instead of fight against it / run from it? What would that look like? 

These all strike me as things to meditate on.