Becoming Mama

Three years ago I celebrated my first Mothers Day as a mom-to-be. I thought I had some idea of what lay ahead, but looking back I had none. 

No idea of the otherworldly, heart-shattering love, no idea of the daily challenges and how my patience, my tolerance, my ability to slow down, to practice love in times of chaos and exhaustion, to practice selflessness and faith, humility, to grow comfortable with imperfection and to learn to set boundaries with an attitude of love, to be firm without losing it, and to know that as hard as I try I will never live up to our society's pretty unrealistic standards of perfection. I had no idea what would be tested and what I would learn. Most of all, I have learned that love and presence are more important than the perfect anything. 

I never knew how becoming a mother would be my greatest teacher, not just as a mother, but as a woman, a partner, a daughter, sister, friend, and a member of this great big, beautiful, imperfect world. 

Thank you, Harper, for choosing me, and thank you to all the Mamas who came before me and who are part of my village. I am grateful to trudge the road with you.


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