The Messy Middle

"This is sobriety.
Sobriety -- living truthfully, healthfully and awake in all relationships (interpersonal, self, faith, food, financial, etc.) -- gets messier before it gets neater.
In early sobriety (sanity), we have to pull everything out of our proverbial drawers -- just dump it all out and look right at the messes we've created and sit in them for awhile. Then, a little bit at a time, we painstakingly toss out the unhealthy, untrue junk that hurt us and others and we keep the good. We put back the good lovingly and intentionally.
When we're done, our outsides might look the same but our insides are all different. Cleaner, neater, honest, with space for more good to come. We can breathe. We're not hiding a bunch of junk anymore. We can open the drawers of our lives without shame.
Anyway, if you're in this messy middle part -- it's okay. It's good. The messy middle is tiring but it's where we make the most important decisions about who we are and who we're not and what we'll allow in our lives and what we won't. The magic is always in the messy middle.
Carry on, Love Warriors. Faith and Sweat.
(From Glennon Doyle Melton)


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