23 October 2014


A friend of mine emailed me asking for some philosophical thoughts now that I'm a mama. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything, but here are a few that came to mind pretty quickly: 
  • Love fiercely and with passion 
  • Be certain of that love so that you can do the above 
  • Be present with the people in your life who are most important. There's nothing more special than quality time with them. 
  • Patience and tolerance makes life way more bearable 
  • Don't be too precious. Poop and spit-up (both literal and figurative) happen and it's ok. 
  • Be selfless. Get your priorities straight. Letting the baby have a nap is more important than going to the mall for no good reason. 
  • Take walks in the sunshine for pleasure. Not to get skinny or arrive at a destination.  
Not bad... And that's after only 3.5 months! Can't wait to see what else this little lady has to teach me.

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