journey's rest

Friday was the last day of work for 2013. Yay! That is definitely one of the best perks about South African living - many businesses close for the last two to three weeks of December, only to reopen on the first Monday of the new year. And you get that time in ADDITION to whatever vacation days you get. Not too shabby, if I can say so myself. Definitely something to be grateful for!

So, in celebration of this year's holiday season, Andrew, myself and a bunch of friends (9 of them, to be exact) drove out to the Overberg, about 2.5 hours from Cape Town, a region of the Western Cape characterised by rolling hills, farmland, big blue skye and lots of sheep. Its pastoral landscape really lends itself to the doing of lots of nothing. Nothing being relaxing, swimming, napping, eating and reading. And that is what we did. So lovely! Here are some shots of the landscape to give you idea of what I mean...


So much loveliness. From the top, a blue crane next to a watering hole; the road to Journey's Rest; our view from the farm (daytime & sunset). 


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