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julia merrett: pregnant women

I would love to ask Cape Town photographer, and friend, Julia Merrett to do my pregnancy shots when the time comes. These are simply beautiful. 

Full Pregnant Women portfolio here.

de hoop

I spent this past weekend at Melkammer House at De Hoop Nature Reserve. What a treat. It takes about 4 hours to reach De Hoop from Cape Town, and the drive is beautiful. Over the Hottentots Holland mountains, through the green Elgin Valley, past Hemel en Arde and into the Overberg. It changes from rocky mountain peaks to lush green apple orchards and pine forests to rolling green and gold fields with mountains in the distance. 
At Caledon you turn right onto the R316 towards Napier. Past the Napier farm stall on the far side of town, you head through the countryside towards through Bredasdrop, the last stop before dirt road. An hour and a half later, past windmills and endless fields of grazing sheep, is the gate for De Hoop. 
Once inside the landscape changes. The fields are covered with fynbos in heather green, purple and gold. And then there's the animals. Baboons, eland, bontebok ostrich & Cape Mountain zebra stand at attention as I drive towards the Manor House. It's…

letters to our little one, part i.

4 weeks & 5 days
It was almost five days ago that I found out about you. Hard to believe. The time seems to be going by more slowly since we found out… Like I am already anxious to meet you! To know you! A few people know about you – it was really just too much to ask to keep you to ourselves. Plus we had asked most of our nearest and dearest to keep us in their prayers the day we went in for our first try at artificial insemination. And just like that, 12 days later, there you were. I keep replaying that conversation with the nursing sister in my head. I had said so many prayers, trying to prepare myself for her to tell me bad news. And then she said it. “Your hormone count is 60, so that’s positive.” Just like that. Like she was telling me it was going to rain or something like that. Not like she was telling me life-altering, too-good-to-be-true, amazing, marvelous, earth-shattering news. It’s like the world was in slow motion. All I could muster up was a shocked, “Oh my God.”…

from Lauren

Thank you, Lauren (one of the best friends, and moms, I know) for this little tidbit. A real treasure in these early days.

"...the way I looked at it was, if something bad is going to happen, it's out of our control, so I wanted to know that I hadn't wasted any time not being the best mom I could be to that tiny soul by sending it love and being optimistic and bonding as much as possible."


Just some shots from our day-to-day. Clockwise: A typical Saturday night; Home office; Play date with Lily Bolus; Mia has a snooze.

hearth & soul

This weekend I had the joy of spending at Hearth & Soul Eco Farm, about 30 km outside Stanford in the Western Cape's Overberg mountains, one of my favourite areas I've visited in this lovely country of ours. The farm was gorgeous. The owner, Sybille, has decked it out with beautiful vegetation and personal touches that make you feel like you really have the privilege of spending the weekend at someone's vast and beautiful farmhouse. It was really special. Not to mention the company! I was privileged to be there with some of my absolute favourite women in South Africa. So, lucky me! The weekend was full of inspiring chats, s'mores!, lively games of 30 Seconds, and deep learning. Really a wonderful break away from the city. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to, but the below should give you an idea! 

waterfront evening

Sometimes this city is just too beautiful. 


Today we had lunch with Andrew's parents at one of my new favorites, tasha's. It's a lovely cafe in Constantia with high ceilings, beautiful decor and tasty food. The long, deep, incredibly comfy sofa along the back wall is my favourite place to lounge & sip a cappuccino. I am sure I could stay there for hours if someone let me. And the paper hangings reflecting the spring sun are not too shabby either. Oh, and then there's the food... for instance, try an open faced sandwich of thick seed loaf bread, peas, fennel, dill, bacon and delicious ricotta cheese. Mmmmm....