yoga in noordhoek.

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On the slopes of Table Mountain, overlooking Noordhoek Beach, amidst blossoming fynbos and mountain streams, is Maesteg House. This house was our home for the weekend and held our intimate group through a series of inspirational, challenging yoga sessions, deep relaxation and reflective meditation.

Saturday morning started with a strong vinyasa flow class led with grace and joy by Kate. Hips and hearts were opened through a gradual series of poses to get us warmed up and opened up in body, mind and spirit. And then... brunch! Homemade, wholesome food made from entirely organic ingredients and served with love. What could be better! Before an afternoon session of jin shin jyutsu led by Nan Hamilton there was plenty of time with tea and homemade rusks around the fire, a light mist of rain coming down on the green slopes surrounding us. Lara brought us into evening with a strong Forrest class, moving us deeper into hips and heart, breathing deep into the postures, releasing old energy through the breath, and getting our shoulders prepped for Sunday.

On Sunday the clouds parted. The sun came pouring in the windows as we began the day with our hands on our mats and our feet in the air. Inversions! Squirrel, crow and three different ways to get into handstand! Everyone had the chance to shift perspectives, to literally see the world from a different angle. The gift of yoga - same world, totally different perspective!

In the afternoon our journey continued with guided meditation led by Lara, going deeper into ourselves, seeing this from yet another angle, another depth, another perspective. And as afternoon sunlight poured through the expansive windows, Kate carried us through our final session of the day - a steady, gentle vinyasa series, stretching deep and moving slow.

A weekend of reflection, friendship, movement and love can bring up a lot. It stirs things around inside, allows time and space for the kind of attention we don't often allow ourselves in the constant flow of daily living. In moments of exhilaration and in moments of quiet contemplation we are given the opportunity to see things - our external and internal realities - with a bit more clarity, perhaps a bit more curiosity, and often a lot more acceptance.


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