in america.


Lake Owassa

Lake Owassa

Brooklyn Bridge

Handsome husband

Andy Warhol, Union Square

Good genes

Teo @ Schiller's

9/11 Memorial

Sisters @ Ft. Tilden


14th Street from High Line

West Chelsea

West Chelsea

Soho at dusk

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Milk, cookies & caffeine 

I am glad to report that nearly all of the items on my USA wish list were accomplished in the past month... some even better than what I had imagined!

- Bagel(s) from Bagel Chateau in Madison, NJ 
- 4th of July fireworks from the middle of 22nd Street in NYC with Nava Kavelin, who showed up unexpectedly at Newark airport! 
- New sunglasses from illesteva, courtesy of my patient mom & sister! 
- A proper NYC hot dog on the sidewalk (x 2!!) 
- Giant-sized gooey chocolate chip cookies from The Standard Grill, complete with glass of milk.  
- LOTS of ice cream & gelato, including under the Brooklyn Bridge with 2 of my favorite ladies
- A lightshow of fireflies at Lake Owassa with Jenny
- 100th Souvenir Picnic at the Baha'i Cabin in Teaneck
- Beauty supplies: Pedicure, new lip gloss, nail polish, Benetint & haircut at Devachan 
- Some good shopping at Madewell, Urban Outfitters, Opening Ceremony, Bird & Aritzia - my favorites. 
- Pizza and pasta at some of New York's finest 
- Blueberry pancakes & bacon at Friend of a Farmer at Gramercy Park
- Fried chicken and waffles @ Buttermilk Channel 
- Iced coffee @ La Colombe on Lafayette St.
- 9/11 Memorial 
- Short Hills Mall with the whole family !
- Watch the sun set in the New York City sky (x a lot!)
- Raid my boxes in Mom's basement for cozy wool sweaters & other goodies
- Lunch & iced coffee from Ted & Honey in Cobble Hill Park
- Picnic lunches from Whole Foods + Trader Joe's 
- Fort Tilden with my favorite sister 
- Watching an entire season of Nurse Jackie on demand at my parents' house 
- Moonrise Kingdom at Union Square


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