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Lake Owassa
Lake Owassa
Brooklyn Bridge
Handsome husband
Andy Warhol, Union Square
Good genes
Teo @ Schiller's
9/11 Memorial
Sisters @ Ft. Tilden
14th Street from High Line
West Chelsea

West Chelsea
Soho at dusk
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Milk, cookies & caffeine 
I am glad to report that nearly all of the items on my USA wish list were accomplished in the past month... some even better than what I had imagined!

- Bagel(s) from Bagel Chateau in Madison, NJ  - 4th of July fireworks from the middle of 22nd Street in NYC with Nava Kavelin, who showed up unexpectedly at Newark airport!


Mine is probably the coolest dad out there. Don't believe me? Decide for yourself... 

Told you so! Happy Birthday, Dad!