summer sunday

Melissa's Food Shop, Stellenbosch & Clifton 4th Beach

Starting the day at Melissa's on Kloof St., lazing about at Clifton 4th Beach in the afternoon, and ending the day with a Parma ham, arugula, pear and Roquefort pizza at Da Vinci's makes for quite the lovely early summer Sunday in the beautiful Mother City.

I have noticed over the course of my many trips to Cape Town that at most Cape Town coffee shops, an iced coffee is a blended ice+coffee drink that often also consists of ice cream and/or whipped cream. So, more like a coffee milkshake. But Melissa's Food Shop is one of the few places where you can actually get an iced coffee that equals ice + coffee + milk + your choice of sweetener. A few other places I have come across these rare delicacies include Bread, Milk & Honey and &Union.

One of the things you learn quickly in Cape Town is that weekends are about relaxing. Shops close around noon on Saturdays, and are closed entirely on Sundays, so errands are essentially out of the question, which is great. Basically, you have few other options but to spend weekends enjoying picnics, family time, hours around the fire eating and laughing at a braai, lazing at the beach, long lunches amidst vineyards in the Boland, or chasing our crazy puppies around De Waal park. Although the change of pace was, admittedly, hard to adjust to after nearly 4 years in New York City and a lifetime on the slightly-neurotic East Cost, being forced to pause and spend time with nature and people that inspire gratitude, love and awe is a pretty awesome gift.


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