lessons from a two year old

On Saturday, my brother-in-law, his wife and their almost-two-year-old son arrived from the UK. We have not all been together since before Calvin was born, so it was really a treat to spend Sunday at the in-laws' house lounging around in the sun, eating grilled meat and salads and watching Calvin get acquainted with the dogs, South Africa and Andrew and I. He's such a cutie, of course! 

Spending the day with Calvin reminded me just how amazingly uninhibited little kids are. They don't hesitate to express whatever emotion they are feeling, no matter how irrational or dramatic. Of course, to a certain extent we have to grow out of this in order to carry on in the world. But I also think it is something we can learn from. Why cover up fear with shame, rather than just acknowledge it and learn to walk through it? The same goes for sadness, pain or joy. Why do we minimize or cover these emotions with shame, as though we have no right to them? Perhaps I'll have to spend a bit more time with Calvin in order to improve my ability to tap into my child-like self. As I heard someone say recently - to become more child-like, but not more childish. The balance. 

In other news - summer is descending upon Cape Town slowly but surely. Yesterday we took the dogs to the park and finally got them into the fountain. Needless to say, the fountain was broken and the water drained out of it, but never mind that minor detail. 


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