blue route

District Six, Cape Town
Kirstenbosch Gardens

"Untamed" sculpture exhibit at Kirstenbosch

Simon's Restaurant at Groot Constantia 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of venturing around Cape Town atop a double-decker bus. As a holiday treat, a bunch of colleagues and myself took a CitySightSeeing bus tour from the V&A Waterfront, passed the historic neighborhood of District Six, to our first stop at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Although it was overcast and there was a light mist in the air, the gardens were beautiful. They are nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain and are full of all sorts of flora indigenous to Southern Africa. We didn't have a ton of time, but we did get to check out a temporary exhibit titled "Untamed" that explores the relationship between man and wilderness through sculpture and poetry. The exhibit is a collaborative effort between sculptor Dylan Lewis, architect Enrico Daffonchio and psychologist Ian McCallum, and is well worth checking out.

From Kirstenbosch, we boarded the bus and made our way to Groot Constantia, a sprawling wine farm that is one of the oldest in the Western Cape. The Prawns Diavlo appetizer was delicious, and although the view of the rolling hills of vineyards was perhaps not quite as spectacular due to the overcast skies, the cool weather meant that the fireplace was roaring, lending a cozy vibe to the grand sprawling space. 

Louise and I had been pining for the mussels since we made our booking nearly two weeks prior. Unfortunately, it seemed the batch of mussels that came in that day was not top notch, and we were a little disappointed. This, of course, prompted us to whip out our best perturbed-middle-class-white-women voices, which (being of that category) we have perfected thanks to years of hearing other, older, wiser and more perturbed middle-class-white-women assert "the voice" when necessary. So, first they had to give us new mussels because ours were cold. And then, having replaced the cold ones with piping hot bowls of mussels in what was admittedly a truly lovely broth, we were still disappointed at the quality of the little shellfish. Of course. I think it's a requirement in order to retain the rights to use "the voice" at all to become extra picky and snooty once you have already complained, rather than be happy with the results and move on. In any case, I would go back and try them again. I have high hopes that Groot Constantia's mussel provider got an earful, and that future batches will be that much better as a result. 


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