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It's hard to find time to write anything on here these days! I suppose that is a good sign... I am certainly keeping busy. But more than that, I think it means I am spending a lot of time absorbing as opposed to reporting back. Which I suppose is also a good thing! It's certainly not a product of not having anything interesting to write about. In fact, I have just started a practice of really making myself sit down and write at least a short something about my day every day, and it has been really wonderful so far! Picking up a pen & a pad of paper and just letting thoughts on my day flow is such an old, lovely and familiar process... Especially for processing loads of sensory experiences & thoughts from busy, exciting days.

Today it was officially one month that I have been at my job. In this month I have: traveled to Namibia, met some of the people I have most admired intellectually, sat in on a community mapping exercise in one of the informal settlements in Cape Town, participated in a TEDx event on the future of cities in Africa, begun planning for an upcoming trip to Uganda, attended yoga regularly, found a home in Cape Town and spent a good bit of time laughing with friends new & old and exploring the markets, boutiques, and cafes around the city. Not bad!

I am continually amazed by the beauty of this city, and often sit in awe of the fact that I get to actually live here and witness the majesty of Table Mountain, the power of the winds sweeping across the Cape Flats, the miracle of rainbows emerging from dark clouds after a rainstorm, and the bright African sun setting over the Atlantic, casting blues and pinks and purples across the sky.

Rainbow over Philippi Township
Sunset lights up winter sky
Our neighborhood! Bo-Kaap, Cape Town
Her Majesty, Table Mountain

To get the latest photos from my time in Cape Town, visit my Facebook page frequently - I am always uploading new images from my adventures.

Also, for more on the work I am doing here, visit SDI's blog and website.


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