inside out with JR

There has been much talk recently of Parisian artist JR and his project, "Inside Out." JR recently won a $10,000 TED Prize, allowing him the ability to take his project to the next level turn it into what will likely be something of a worldwide art + social change movement. Just the kind of combination I love to see.

In a recent post on Polis, the author quotes an interview with Mark Magazine in which the artist states:

"My work relates strongly to architecture, but in a paradoxical way, because I go to places with interesting architecture, but I’m there to highlight people. I use architecture as my canvas, while setting up a dialogue with the city in areas where walls are not covered with advertisements. This allows me to get closer to the people. I get into people’s lives in fact, not by way of politics or advertising, but by way of art and activism.”

Check out some of his paintings below, and you'll get a sense of what he's talking about.


Read more about JR & the Inside Out project here: 


  1. i have always been so inspired by JR's art. when he was visiting LA he posted some of his street art around the various neighborhoods. i need to go find (and photograph) them!


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