spring is springing!

Hello readers! So sorry for the hiatus. Things have been a little hectic around here the past week or so, with a minor (read: very unpleasant & somewhat major) allergy attack followed by repeat visits to the doctor, the pharmacist, and a very pricey trip to Bed Bath & Beyond in which I acquired an air purifier, new HEPA vacuum and all sorts of other things to make our new home hypoallergenic.) Hopefully these will work! There is little else that is as unpleasant as waking up itchy & uncomfortable and not having ANY idea why or what to do about about it!

Anyway! The good news is that today it is going to be 70 degrees in NYC! YAY! What joy! Even in the brief month since being back from South Africa I began to forget just how amazing the warm sun feels! So, in honor of that, and in hopes that this spring time will bring renewal, rejuvenation a rebirth for us all in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual forms, here are some lovely spring-y photos for your Friday.

Photo credit: 1. not sure! please let me know! 2. The Lighthouse Keeper, 3. LanalouStyle, 4. The Lighthouse Keeper, 5. Partners & Spade, 6. It's Mary's Ruffle, 7. Alkeemi, 8. again, not sure! Tumblr somewhere.

Also, some awesome shots from the recent A/W 2011 Fashion weeks, courtesy of The Sartorialist.

Salvatore Ferragamo 
Michael Kors

And lastly, some jewelry I have been lusting over from Erica Weiner.


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