cape town round-up

It is the day after the first day of Spring and it is twenty degrees colder than it was a week ago. But at least it's sunny. There is something about sunshine in March that manages to still be warmer than that same sunshine a few weeks earlier. So, thank goodness for that! I think the whole world is ready for springtime, literally and metaphorically. We could all due with some rejuvenation and new life these days, after the natural disasters in Japan and New Zealand, air strikes in Libya and bus tour crashes in New York. Hopefully this new season, which also marks the beginning of the Baha'i new year (Naw Ruz), can bring some of that. Personally, I have felt a lot of gratitude as we head into the spring months, for all the richness in my life and for the resilience and spirit of the human race at its best.

On that note, and because it is long, long overdue, I thought I would post some photos and writeups on some of the spots we visited while in Cape Town. Can't believe it was a month ago yesterday that I go back from that wonderful trip!

Birds Boutique Cafe, Bree + Church Streets, Cape Town

Frauke Stegmann's Milnerton Market Is Nice range of fine ceramics.



"Our first Merlot!"

the Power & the Glory and THE BLACK RAM, Kloof Nek Road, Cape Town

nap, Cape Quarter (pictured) and Kloof Street, Cape Town

Handmade ceramics by Mud Studio, Gemma Orkin & more at Melissa's.

Hemelhuijs, De Waterkant, Cape Town 


Mongoose textiles, at Baraka and shops throughout Cape Town

Hope these were enjoyable! Please click on the links to visit the websites of some of these awesome places, and if you are ever heading over to Cape Town, be sure to pop in for a visit!


  1. Ah you went to some of my favorite places! Lovely pics :)

  2. Thanks! Got a lot of the tips of where to go from you, Lana!

  3. You have eclectic taste! Thank you for sharing this!


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