africa on the horizon

Sorry I have been somewhat MIA recently. Not sure what that's about, except for lots of busy-times surrounding me recently! The good news: a) we are moving! To an awesome apartment in our building, with a bigger kitchen and open family room and..... my sister is moving into our apartment! Party! b) we leave for South Africa this coming Saturday! As in, 3.5 more days of cold before I get 15 days of SUN! In honor of THAT nugget of awesomeness, here are some pretty images to get you as excited as I am (or jealous, but, oh well).

I am planning to take my film camera with me this time, and I am hoping I can remember to really put it to good use. The quality of film never ceases to amaze me - the way it captures the nuances of color and light is like nothing else. But I will be taking lots of photos, and on the lookout for lots of awesomeness, the whole time - so don't fret! I will also try to update the blog from there, but honestly, it might not be until my return that you all get a proper post on our many African adventures (aka beach, shops, food, hiking, and hopefully a bit of remembering what is at the essence of that great nation - hope, freedom, beauty and spirit.)

Images from LanalouStyle, and Cape Town Daily Photo. 


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