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As I'm sure many of you have heard (or experienced first hand!), New York City has been quieted by quite the post-Christmas blizzard, making the week between Christmas and New Years seem even less suited to doing anything productive. The fact that my birthday falls smack in the middle of this snowy, quiet time either. Last night, for said birthday, Andrew and I ate dinner at Freeman's, which I have to say was one of the most well done Americana lodge-themed restaurants I have been to yet. And the warm chocolate brownie with single candle was the perfect way to bring in my 27th year!

In other news, I noticed some new photos on my dear friend Natalie's Picasa site this morning, and was delighted to see that they included some shots of her lovely home on Cape Cod, which she shares with her sister & her sister's boyfriend. Natalie creates beautiful paintings (which can be seen on the walls in some of the shots below), and her eye for photography is just as artful. Her shots always leave me mesmerized by the beauty she finds in the most simple things, and the way she makes the most beautiful things of the world really shine. Lots to be inspired by!

See more of Natalie's photos here.


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