This past weekend I was lucky enough to catch a TBS airing of Titanic. I am pretty sure I have not seen that epic drama since early high school, 8th grade even, and it was truly a blast from the past! It was also a reminder of just how dreamy the young Leo was. I maintain that my husband is the handsomest guy around, but I couldn't help a little swooning (in his presence!) over the smiling, lovestruck face of young Leo on the deck of that grand ship. However, over dinner last night my sister and I (two of young Leo's biggest fans) agreed that it was his role as Romeo that really had us over the moon. So, ladies, for your viewing pleasure:

Lucky for Leo he is also one of the best actors out there these days, which will surely keep us swooning for years to come. (Even if he has lost some of his boyish charm.)


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