brendan cass

Thank you to a dear friend for posting a whole album of these paintings on facebook the other day & then sending me the link to an article about this fantastic young artist, Brendan Cass.

Some (strikingly beautiful & honest) words from the artist:

"The body of work came about through an obsession of travel, in general, and also escapism. Literally and Psychologically. At the depths of my purpose though I am fascinated by the land formations and sense of terrain in Popular inspiring European locales, and also the energy and liberation that many people feel when going to these say, inspiration centers. One can feel as flat as they did back home or really resonate with the sense of departure, and other ness...

I am also acutely aware this could just be a temporary escape or vacation. My formal concerns are that of blending the academic with the crude, the sophisticated with the coarse, Beauty with Ugliness. Moreover, the general formal reality of my work is an intimate conversation with the work of my peers, and adding to a comprehensive awareness of  historical artists. But I really want to create portals, of travel, Mentally, Spiritually, Physically."

Ultrecht, 2004
Florence, 2005
Lake Guarda, 2003
Crystal Canyon, 2004.


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