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Maybe it's because Ghana knocked the USA out of the World Cup today, or maybe it's because my husband was born and bred in South Africa, or maybe it's because the minute I stepped down on it's soil I felt like I was home - either way, Africa has a special place in my heart and soul. Her mountains and shores send vibrations deep into my core, and these photos - poignant and raw - captivate that spirit beautifully.

These photos are from Camille Stabler (pictured above, next to the boat), taken by her friend Christopher Lowell during his recent trip to visit her on the shores of Mozambique, where she has been living for the past 9 months. Her family spent time in Swaziland back when Camille was a wee bitty girl, and she's back in Southern Africa now working with local women on a social and economic development project and living in a cabin on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Her blog, Okay? Okay., is one of my favorite places to hang out online.

Here are a few more images, some of my favorites from my own time in Southern Africa: 

Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Road to Tofo, Mozambique

On the highway, Mozambique

Rasta Dave, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Andrew & his cahsew, Tofo beach, Mozambique

At Rasta Dave's, Eastern Cape, South Africa


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